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The Sanctuary of Our Lady of O Corpiño is in the parish of Santa Baia de Losón. It is in the Lalín Municipality (Pontevedra). It is on the slopes of Mount Carrio, at the top of the Deza River valley. It is halfway along the PO-205 road (from Silleda to Vila de Cruces) and also halfway along the road from Lalín to Silleda.

Sanctuary Rector:
Rev. Mr. José Criado Sánchez

Direction of the Santuario:
Santuario de Nuestra Señora de O Corpiño
Santa Eulalia de Losón
CP. 36512 LALÍN
Pontevedra (Spain).

GPS Coordinates:
  42.745, -8.215

Phone: +34 600 72 73 73